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Blue Springs Kennel, designed and built over the past 25 years by Bill Thompson, offers a world-class training facility for both hunting and competition retrievers.

It also provides a tranquil country retreat for boarding pets while owners are away from home.

Blue Springs encompasses 128 acres of woods, fields and lakes designed specifically for providing dogs with all the challenges they will need to achieve their full potential as hunting dogs and competition level retrievers.

The kennel at Blue Springs provides the perfect retreat for all dogs in a secure environment.Full boarding services are offered by the owners, who also reside on the property, affording your pet plenty of human contact and a wide range of specialized services.

Each pet is housed in its own 10’x5’ outdoor area with 4’x4’ indoor area and taken for a leisurely walk every morning and night. The kennel is air-conditioned for comfort during the summer months.

The services offered at Blue Springs Kennel include boarding for dogs (sorry, no cat facilities are available), obedience training of young dogs (Puppy Boot Camp), and basic through advanced training of retrievers for hunting, hunt tests and field trials. Occasionally puppies and started dogs are available for sale.

Contact us for more information.